November 23, 2019

Halloween Jack is running my Missile to the Moon show tonight on The Monster Channel. Because YouTube has screwed me over with that one, as I previously blogged about.

Tune in for the live chat, stay for wacky zaniness and merriment with loud report.

November 16, 2019

I've had to remove my Missile to the Moon episode from YouTube because of yet another false copyright claim. Hack musicians sample the music from old movies and register with these scumbag companies that then file a false copyright claim with YouTube and steal all your revenue.

Because YouTube makes it easy.

The show is still available on DailyMotion, a website that doesn't have contempt for their content creators.

November 12, 2019

YouTube is killing off its content creators in favor of networks and other large corporations.

October 27, 2019

My Halloween Special is airing today at 4:00pm Eastern Time on The Monster Channel

August 12, 2019

It's official. Facebook just deleted my page. I have never violated any of their arbitrary and ever-changing rules, yet they deleted my page. 

August 12, 2019

Facebook killed my Vincent Grimmly page earlier this year, because they don't want people using stage names. Because they really don't care about people's privacy, despite their smarmy lip-service.

Yesterday they killed my personal page (temporarily I hope) because of "spam." If you don't know, if you post on Facebook too quickly, they automatically block you for some time because they think you're "spamming." 

This time, I was blocked, then they said they'd text me a passcode and I could get back in. After typing it in, then THEN said I can get my account back if I send them a picture of my face and someone will EVENTUALLY get around to taking a look at it.

After reviewing my photo, they said they'd reinstate my account ONLY if I sent them a copy of my driver's license, birth certificate, or passport. The astonishing hubris of Zuckerberg never ceases to amaze.

I hate the hell out of Facebook. They've become a monopoly and have zero respect for freedom of speech or your privacy or safety. But if you've been paying ANY attention lately, you already know that.

June 2, 2019

I was laid off from ToddAO studios 5 days before 9/11 as a result of "cut backs." Essentially, we had a new general manager who decided to fire me to cut costs and impress his masters on his first day. He had no idea what I did there and how important I was to the operation. *COUGH* Jeff Eisner *COUGH*
Dennis was very vocal in protest. Dennis was always very generous and supportive.

Although I was fired, instead of going home I kept working to convert an editor's files that he needed to finish his work for the day. My coworkers were justifiably baffled. "Why would you keep working when you were fired?" I said that if I left now, this editor (name withheld) couldn't do his job because I didn't' give him the material he needed.
When I explained this, Dennis stepped up, hugged me, and said "You really ARE a nice guy!" And I have never forgotten that.That's one of those simple moments that stay with you for the rest of your life.
He's a great guy, and it breaks my heart that he is enduring this shit right now! Bless this man!
Donate as much as you can, even if it's a couple bucks.

May 31, 2019

Two toads who seem to hate each other

  May 9, 2019

Someone took the Obi Wan/Vader fight from "Star Wars: A New Hope," extended it, and intensified the choreography. They re-shot some of the footage and put Alec Guinness' face on another performer.

You can really see Vader's festering hatred for Kenobi. He fights dirty, using his fists and even a headbutt. The combat is visceral, and frankly, kinda terrifying. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near this.


My Destination Inner Space show is on
The Monster Channel tonight.
This is the episode where I show a movie and
make fun of it and have silly skits.

I've just finished uploading all episodes so far and their previews to

Destination: In Yer Face preview

January 17, 2018

We've lost Rhonda Baffes, the sole founder and creator of Bizarre TV. And I've lost one of the most important people in my life.

Almost two years ago a fellow horror host recommended I contact a woman named Rhonda who ran the Roku channel called Bizarre TV. He said she would probably be interested in running my new show.

Rhonda and I started chatting on Facebook every day. I made her laugh. We became friends. Then after a few months we realized we were closer than just friends and we started Skyping most nights.

She had anxiety, but somehow I was able to calm her down and she could relax, eventually falling asleep.

We tried coordinating our work schedules and budgeting to figure out when we could visit each other but she was constantly working at her regular job to support her and her son.

Suddenly in late 2016, she would start crying out in pain at night from something in the middle of her chest, and it would just get worse.

Then she finally was able to get in to see her doctor, who then referred her to a specialist, who diagnosed her with stomach cancer. And her gallbladder was practically non-functional.

When we Skyped the night of her diagnosis, we talked about a lot of things, but one of the things she had been looking forward to the most was watching her son graduate. She started sobbing, then buried her face in her pillow so her son wouldn't overhear her crying.

She wanted to get away for a week before the surgery, and so I was going to fly her out to Las Vegas. A couple days before her flight, her car broke down. Her mechanic knew her situation and busted his ass to get the car done in record time. She grabbed the car and headed for the airport in Georgia. It started raining heavily, and there was an accident on the highway. Traffic was delayed. She got to the airport and it took half an hour to find parking, so she arrived at the gate just in time to watch the plane pull away. She called me sobbing during an anxiety attack. Despite my best efforts to get her to rebook another flight, she refused to let me spend any more on the trip. Whatever forces run the universe decided to be real shitheels that day.

Her condition worsened. The doctors seemed in no hurry to treat her and didn't seem too concerned. More than once, she drove down to the doctor to tearfully beg them to help her after they dismissively told her she's fine and everything will just take time. Eventually she had surgery to remove the tumors from her stomach. We still had hope.

Unfortunately her type of stomach cancer is associated with a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer. Standard procedure is to monitor the patient to make sure that cancer doesn't appear. Instead, after surgery the doctors sent her home with painkillers and said "See ya in a couple months."

She was still in pain months after and the doctors couldn't be bothered to see her. She had developed the ovarian Krukenberg tumor that the doctors had neglected to watch for.

I asked about visiting her, but she didn't want me to see her that way. In fact we had several discussions about it. People familiar with cancer will know what she was going through at that point. I wouldn't care, but I also wanted to respect her wishes.

She finally got in to see the right doctor, who started her on chemo, but basically told her the cancer was terminal. We still chatted, but I would only Skype with her three more times.

For Christmas she had family visit her, and her mother was staying with her until the end.

On New Years Eve, I was about to go to bed when she sent me a chat message. We sent our virtual hugs and kisses and wished each other a Happy New Year. We said we loved each other then wished each other good night. That's the last time we ever spoke.

I've never met anyone like Rhonda, and I know I never will again. Bizarre TV had a great unique and perfect feel about it. If you didn't know anything about the channel, you would assume it was created by a serial killer. You would never know it was created by a giggly single mother who had been forced out of New Orleans after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina, including her job as manager of a Starbucks. Rhonda was a one-of-a-kind gem and the world is a lot less spooky and fun without her in it.

I wish her son all the best. I can't imagine what he's going through right now.

Rhonda Baffes

This page was set up for me by my dear friend Rhonda Baffes, founder of Bizarre TV. We were skyping on Christmas day in 2016 while she offered to set it up for me. I happily took her up on the offer and she set it up while we chatted.

I'm reluctant to do a lot of changing to this site, it's a little part of her that's still with me.