August 12, 2019

Facebook killed my Vincent Grimmly page earlier this year, because they don't want people using stage names. Because they really don't care about people's privacy, despite their smarmy lip-service.

Yesterday they killed my personal page (temporarily I hope) because of "spam." If you don't know, if you post on Facebook too quickly, they automatically block you for some time because they think you're "spamming." 

This time, I was blocked, then they said they'd text me a passcode and I could get back in. After typing it in, then THEN said I can get my account back if I send them a picture of my face and someone will EVENTUALLY get around to taking a look at it.

After reviewing my photo, they said they'd reinstate my account ONLY if I sent them a copy of my driver's license, birth certificate, or passport. The astonishing hubris of Zuckerberg never ceases to amaze.

I hate the hell out of Facebook. They've become a monopoly and have zero respect for freedom of speech or your privacy or safety. But if you've been paying ANY attention lately, you already know that.