August 16, 2022

Something in the Water

Despite making up seventy percent of the surface of our planet, much of the ocean is unknown to us. It is estimated that over eighty percent of the earth’s watery depths have yet to be explored by mankind. Really, it’s no wonder that there are so many stories about monsters lurking beneath the waves. 

But the untraversed waters are not the only places in the ocean where mysteries have confounded the human mind. Divers and explorers of the deep have often stumbled upon things they couldn’t immediately explain. I’m sure you’ve heard many stories of lost shipwrecks and giant squids, fantastical wonders of the sea– but a lesser known phenomenon of underwater crop circles discovered in the 1990s left scientists puzzled for years. 

Was there some sort of ritual happening on the ocean floor? Maybe. But not the kind you might be expecting.

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