August 24, 2022

The Unliving Plague

Modern medicine and the ever evolving scientific discoveries of this age have brought about the answer to many questions concerning human anatomy and the incalculable number of diseases and ailments that can appear in the body. But despite the strides and accomplishments that have been made (as well as the old beliefs that have been debunked) there are still diseases that we don’t fully understand. 

Or, for that matter, know how to cure. 

Amongst these incurable ailments is a category of diseases that are unique in their cause. While many known illnesses have their root in bacteria, viruses, and microscopic parasites, this particular class of diseases results from the spontaneous folding of proteins in the brain. There is no live organism causing the illness, and with no pesky bug to blame we can only look to the natural proteins found on a cellular level.

So what happens when these proteins start to fold like infinitesimal origami pieces?